While this study shows there are risks associated with some contact sports, it doesn’t mean people should stop participating, Owen noted. Stafford, Owen and their collaborators from Western’s Brain and Mind Institute and the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology were originally interested to know whether concussions in the general population led to long-term cognitive or brain deficits. While it’s important to recognise the risk of brain injury in our elite hockey, rugby, AFL, rugby union, etc players – it’s also critically important to recognise these same injuries can be happening to our kids every weekend, with much more serious results. No player in the study who received the recommended post-concussion advice complied – with 87 per cent of concussed players returned to either training or competition within one week and 95 per cent had returned within three weeks of injury. One of the hallmarks of concussion is that neurological signs and symptoms are imparted after biomechanical force to the brain in the absence of macroscopic neural damage. The effects of repeated mild traumatic brain injuries culminate in CTE; abnormal proteins accumulate in the brain, causing a degeneration of brain tissue and reduced cognitive functioning.

Recent studies have yielded strong evidence that persistent post-concussion symptoms may arise from structural or metabolic alterations in the brain, even though patients’ conventional neuroimaging studies are normal. In December last year the international journal, Brain, published a study showing evidence of an increased risk brain injury amongst athletes, military veterans and others who absorbed repeated hits to the head. The issue of long term brain injury due to sport – whether professional or amateur – again hit the headlines this week when Brownlow medallist and AFL premiership player Greg Williams told Seven News that he believes his failing memory can be traced back to the heavy knocks he took while playing football. While it appears there was a relatively low level of awareness of the international concussion regulations, the failure of players to follow advice presented a serious barrier to identifying and better managing mild brain injuries. In the US there are more than 4,000 damage suits currently underway by former National Football League players who blame authorities for not reducing their risk of brain damage on the field from repeated concussions.

CTE does not show up during brain scans and can only be diagnosed using specific identification techniques post mortem. Qatar has so far remained immune to terror but one high-profile incident can potentially sabotage the show. ‘The first show of respect when you go to a new country is to speak the language. The camp provides the United States’ top girls players born in 2006 with age-appropriate on- and off-ice training and coaching from elite-level instructors, as well as the opportunity to compete against their peers from across the country. With that December price hike came a number of additional channels, but Hulu Plus Live TV is still second banana to our top premium pick, YouTube TV. The average number of persistent symptoms was 7.6, with a range of 3 to 21 persistent symptoms. Even without discount, the Air Jordans comes at a price range that can be easily afforded by the younger generation basically as that is where the craze is the most.

Of the group of 85 people, 80 per cent (68 men)-nearly all of whom played sports-showed evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative and incurable disease whose symptoms can include memory loss, depression and dementia. In boxers, it’s called ‘punch-drunk syndrome’ or dementia pugilistica, whereby repeated blows or knocks to the head can cause symptoms such as depression, memory loss, personality changes such as increased irritability, paranoia and aggression, and the early onset of dementia. While we salute those mums and dads on the sidelines with a bag of ice for injuries, there has to be greater recognition that sports injuries can be very serious, with potential long term sequelae and need to be properly managed. From animal model studies, there is growing evidence that neuroinflammatory cascades play a significant role in the pathogenesis of disease after mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and possibly repetitive subconcussive injury. While there is an awareness of the need to rest players after a concussion at the elite level, this same caution has not flowed through to the amateur ranks.

Coaches, sports doctors and physiotherapists were among those who assisted the research, recording concussion incidents during games. Soccer games are often released yearly because things change frequently in the real sporting world. In the absence of these risks being managed, more and more parents like the Obamas will either be glad their daughters don’t play a contact sport, or refuse to let their sons do so because of the (very real) risk of brain injury. Researchers analyzed 2008-2009 and 2010-2011 data from the National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance System. The findings highlight the need for fracture prevention programs in high school sports, the Ohio State University researchers said. The findings are timely as families and organizations are starting to evaluate the risks of contact sports for youth. Our findings showed high numbers of concussions and relatively poor injury management. The Monash Injury Research Institute in association with the University of New South Wales and the George Institute conducted a three year study looking at the incidence of mild traumatic brain injury or concussion in rugby players. If you’re looking for a good way to save money, think about cutting the cable TV cord by using a live TV streaming service.

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