Mandalorian S02E03

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The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and his little companion (affectionately called “Baby-Yoda” by fans) continue their journey through the galaxy together.

There are numerous dangers lurking here, because a high bounty is set on both and the remaining empire around Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) is after them.

In the turbulent times after the collapse of the Galactic Empire, the two of them have already experienced several adventures together in the past and had to save each other several times.

The stories about “The Mandalorian” have not only expanded the “Star Wars” universe to include more characters, but also locations.

Although the recordings were made almost exclusively in the studio in California using the StageCraft technology and a filming location tour is rather difficult, we travel with Mando and the child again to the locations from the first season and take a closer look at the respective surroundings. the residents and the dangers lurking there:

There and away – the unknown ice planet
At the beginning of our journey we have to dress warmly, because right at the beginning of the first chapter the Mandalorian bounty hunter has an assignment to fulfill on an inhospitable ice planet.

The name of the frosty celestial body remains unknown, but it is certainly not Hoth. A return of the Mandalorian to this place is rather unlikely anyway. Especially after he made the acquaintance of a Ravinak who bites into his spaceship and can only be chased away with an electric shock with great difficulty.

The ravinaks are huge, gray predators. However, because they live under the frozen layer of ice, they can appear in front of you all of a sudden. So, get out of here quickly!

Guild and secret hiding place on Nevarro
After the mission has been fulfilled, the Mandalorian goes back to the lava planet Nevarro, the most important location in the series. Because here is the central base of the bounty hunter guild and the middleman Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), from whom Mando receives both his orders and his wages.

Nevarro is also the secret hideout of the last Mandalorians who survived the Great Purge on Mandalore. There is a tribal forge in the catacombs. However, if you want to have a Mandalorian armor made here, like Mando, you have to bring the Beskar you need yourself.

A sight not to be missed on Nevarro and a playground for bounty hunters from all over the galaxy is the Cantina, a lively bar in Nevarro City, even if it looks rather inconspicuous from the outside.

The landscape, on the other hand, is less inviting: Even where there is no lava flowing, there is only rocky terrain on Nevarro. Despite the dry area, many creatures of very different species live here.

Due to the independence of the planet from the New Republic, some actors from the remaining empire have also settled here.

Including the client (Werner Herzog), who once worked for the empire and still surrounds himself with storm troops. He finally hands the Mandalorian a puck with a mysterious new bounty target …

Arvala-7 – Off to the desert
His new assignment finally leads the Mandalorian to the desert planet Arvala-7, the surroundings of which are strongly reminiscent of Luke’s home planet Tatooine. Which is not surprising, because one of the real filming locations for Arvala-7, Death Valley National Park, actually slipped into the role of Tatooine in “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”.

The bizarre rocky landscape was captured at the Zabriskie Point viewpoint in Death Valley National Park, from where you have a unique view of the petrified sand dunes and the tip of the Manly Beacon, which the Mandalorian flies past with his Razor Crest shortly before landing.

The surreal rock formations were formed over millions of years from the sediments of the dried up Furnace Creek Lake. If you want to imagine yourself on another planet but don’t have a spaceship in your garage, you should visit this place. Here it really doesn’t take much imagination to feel like you are in another world.

Just like on Tatooine, you can have an awkward encounter with the Jawas on Arvala-7. So it happens to Mando, who finds out that the Jawas, known as junk collectors, have unscrewed many important parts of his spaceship when he returns there with the target, a child of Yoda’s species.

The residents, who are only one meter tall, usually move away with large caterpillar vehicles, the sand crawlers, and are happy to take everything with them that is even a spark of value. One should not hope for a reasonable conversation with them, because they babble without pause.

Mando is fortunate to meet the Ugnaught Kuiil (with the voice of Nick Nolte), who comes to his aid both in the fight with an aggressive Blurrg, a two-legged reptile with a big mouth, as well as mediating between him and the Jawas.

To get back the stolen spaceship parts, he should get them an egg. However, this quest leads him to an even grimmer animal that lives here at Arvala-7: the mudhorn.

Without Kuiil, the Mandalorian would probably not have made it to the Nikto mercenary facility and his target person, because through him he was able to enjoy free Blurgg riding lessons.

A farm on Sorgan
“There doesn’t seem to be a spaceport, no industry, it is only sparsely populated,” says Mando of Sorgan and initially considers the densely forested planet to be the perfect new home for the child.

The fishing village in which they settle looks idyllic at first glance. The people are very hospitable, especially the farmer Omera (Julia Jones), and go about their daily work: fishing for krill. These are bluish, shrimp-like crustaceans that are probably part of the staple food on Sorgan.

But appearances are deceptive: the farmers’ settlement is repeatedly attacked by looters living in the forest. To make matters worse, they also have an AT-ST, a large ruff with high firepower.

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