Machine Xchange Coin(MXC) aims to establish a systematic process to each simplify and enhance IoT data transactions utilizing the Low Power Broad Area Network (LPWAN) network so that people can take a part of the shared economic system
Using the idea of Low Power Broad Access Network (LPWAN) and its gadget network basis, the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol), as a foundation for its system, MXC will introduce the Machine eXchange Coin (MXC), which will theoretically enable for elevated data transactions and a singular data movement monetization within right now’s data market.
What’s LPWAN?
As the name implies, Low-Power Broad-Space Networks (LPWANs) allow for low power consumption over a wide space, akan extended range. In other words, LPWAN helps devices operates on small, cheap batteries for years and has an prolonged operating range of 5–40kms.
With the help of LPWAN technology, sensor and devices can send data over miles of range at lowers costs and might last for years on an AA battery instead of weeks or months.
Smart Bidding
Street lights, garbage sensors send plenty of packets in a day, which jams the free licensed bands. A door lock must be unlocked in few seconds, Smart Bidding solves the problem by doing the network resource public sale, the highest bid takes the link resource.
Inter-Chain data market
Platforms like Ethereum, Rootstock is quite data hungry, they want Oracles to feed to smart contracts. Data market is a protocol for different blockchains to buy data from MXC utilizing their own token.

Token Use case
The MXC token is a utility token, meant to be distributed amongst data owners, data receivers and data network hosts, permitting for a facilitated cross-over from a “commodity”-based mostly coin into an on a regular basis trading currency. The token is designed to “bridge present commodity-based trading of cryptocurrency tokens and the money-based mostly world economy.” Thought the MXC token, the MXProtocol gives network members incentives to use, deploy and trade their network components, giving people the prospect to profit from their locations via sensor/system data gathering.Roadmap

Token Metrics
Ticker: MXC
Token Type: ERC20
Total Tokens: 2,664,965,800 MXCHARD CAP:
Total Sold: 1,065,986,320
Percentage Sold: 40.00%
Presale Worth: 0.011 USD
ICO token Value: 0.015 USD

Sheen Xin Hu (CEO): Founder of Matchx, Hardware Engineer at Airfy.
Piotr Brzezinski: Hardware Engineer at Siemens, Hardware Engineer at Airfy.
Vlad Karl: Head of IT Operations at Carmudi.
Vadim Vygonets: Software Engineer at Mobisol, Developer at SoundCloud.
Aaron Wagener (Co-Founder)
Jeff Stahlnecker

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