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political establishment,’ the source said.   ‘It was mentioned to me that she was trying to overcome a PR problem and that her focus on oceans was a way of reintroducing her to New York and to the U.S.

On May 21, the FBI commenced a three day search of the construction site next to Mary Branson’s home. The site is located about 12 miles from Suzanne and Barry’s home in the neighboring town of Maysville.  

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After 1 month and few updates, CBI says ¿a high level of commitment¿ remains in Suzanne Morphew case
Fundraiser for Mallory Morphew by Trevor Noel : Please help us find Suzanne & get her home safely!

A resident of Salida, Colorado was awoken by ‘a loud noise’ the night before Suzanne Morphew (right) was reported as missing. The noise came from a construction site being worked on by Suzanne’s husband, Barry (left)

They told her that, whilst they often left keys on-site, they hid them in safe places.  The following day Branson went over to the construction site and asked workers whether they had left keys in their equipment.

That figure was later doubled by a family friend. Barry Morphew has been keeping a low profile after announcing a $100,000 reward for his wife’s safe return a short time after she disappeared. The $200,000 reward still remains on offer. 

More than a dozen detectives are still working around the clock to locate missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew two months after she disappeared. Suzanne (pictured) mysteriously vanished after setting off on a bike ride from her home in Maysville on May 10  

Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly began eyeing Silicon Valley’s elite while trying to reinvent herself as an environmental activist after Epstein’s 2009 plea deal. She is pictured speaking at Arctic Circle Reykjavík, Iceland in 2014 while representing her charity The TerraMar Project 

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI were also called in.   Suzanne’s disappearance sparked an extensive search that included tracking dogs, water rescue teams and tactical mountain rescuers.

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In an area once famous for its industrial furnaces (an awful lot of soot, hence the Black Country), her lively imagination is stoked by pictures of role models on her bedroom wall, all of whom come alive to offer her guidance. She wants to grow up to be a woman of the world, a writer.

On May 21, the FBI commenced a three day search of the construction site next to Mary Branson’s home. The site is located about 12 miles from Suzanne and Barry’s home in the neighboring town of Maysville 


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She was arrested on July 2 at a Bradford, New Hampshire, estate she purchased for $1 million late last year.  Maxwell, 58, is in a Brooklyn federal jail, awaiting a July 2021 trial in Manhattan federal court.

Rob Kardashian, the notoriously private member of the uber famous reality family featured on E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, has changed his Instagram profile picture to something a little bit more up front and revealing.