I felt like an oddball. (And yes, I am speaking of what was happening emotionally in my heart. It was real. I had not crossed into the spiritual reality, security or maturity of it at the time.)

When the prophets in training had been called before the congregation to serve within the presbytery, I always wished to hold my notebook and a pen with me. I remember the minister telling me (more than once) that I couldn’t do that. He said it was a distraction for this type of ministry. He said I wanted to discover ways to be present for the individuals and prophesy from my spirit.

Let us just say that as a young prophet, I didn’t like that but I obeyed.

While I realized to follow the group protocol without offense, I’d stand there… with my arms “literally burning” beside me, longing to write what I was hearing. My palms would be flushed. The only thing I knew to do was open and shut my fists or hold my hands firmly throughout my waist until the evening ended. Generally, I would be so overwhelmed by this need to write that when we were released from our assignment, I might race to my seat, grab my pen and paper… and frantically write down what I was hearing.

No one else was doing this…. and I imply NO ONE. Being so young within the Lord, I really felt inadequate, misplaced and awkward. You see, I felt called to write, demonstrate and record while others had been releasing audibly… all the time. Me, well, I wished to WRITE my prophecy down and READ it from paper – which often got here poetically, through tune or required some bizarre demonstration. I did not want this because I could tell others thought I used to be showing off… and that WAS NOT IT. In a corporate setting that may be seen as “showboating” when actually, it is solely how “scribal prophets” hear, reply and/or are commanded to release. The demonstrative prophets of the Bible (those that had constant manifestations of this) have been NOT showing off! This is solely how they respond to their office.

I appreciate the training I received tremendously – especially the correction. Were it not for those lessons, I may have never come up from the pen and notebook. I’d have regulated my life to that of a scribal recluse — like so many scribal prophets do in the present day because they do not understand “how the present operates” on a broader level. If not for this training, I’d have insisted on my own way instead of learning to walk with a corporate group as well as within one’s own scribal metron. I realized invaluable lessons about prophetic versatility and being open to moving out of your comfort zones or inward unctions. I had to lose that phrase, “This is how God makes use of me,” and embrace the changing conditions. I had to operate IN ORDER as required in certain teams; or within the order of the service within others.

Your Uniqueness

We might not want to change, but Christ in us is well able to adapt to perform his purposes. I had to discern between this crazy “leading” as individuals like to say… and really reply to God and his people out of TRUE LEADING and HONOR. God used my “uniqueness” to train me how to operate prophetically with and without my pen and journal… and stretched me past the acquainted comfort zone.

None of this, however, modified the fact that I used to be different from the prophets in that training group. My responses to the prophetic have been scribal in nature – and your responses might be also. After we achieve AFFIRMATION concerning WHO we’re and WHAT THAT LOOKS like – we is not going to feel inadequate or really feel awkward anymore.

If you happen to had been raised in a church, you may have been used to the congregational operation of prophets so to speak. You may see prophets prophesying to long lines of individuals, prophets being really spiritual of their delivery, prophets being vocal about just about everything, prophets speaking in scripture, prophets speaking in tongues before they prophesy, prophets releasing words loudly, prophets prophesying in Old Covenant contexts, etc. The list goes on and on and on concerning what you SEE within the natural. This may be misleading to the scribal prophet. Please know that this just isn’t a throw off of any kind… however the “RESPONSES OF A SCRIBAL PROPHET” will probably be different.

I’ve always been different. And my story, more than likely, resembles yours.

I’ve prophesied by inspired monologues, poetry, prophetic songs, a collection of skits, plays, spontaneous artistic responses, direct words, by books, parables, kinetic typography, etc.… and even releasing like you see in congregational settings. If you enable the Lord to have his way, you will study to adapt to all kinds of environments. Nonetheless, true scribal prophets might be constant in the scribal activity in their lives – it won’t be an occasional writer’s anointing, that’s different.

Remember, a scribal prophet is a completely functioning prophet of Christ as we’ve got come to understand the prophetic mantle within the context of the New Covenant. The only distinction is that their calling is extremely specialised and tailored to “the scribal realm,” a spot within the spirit where we’re consistently dwelling out the gifts positioned inside us. For instance, musicians live within the “musical realm,” always hearing music and sound irrespective of the place they’re and what they are doing. They see the world by way of a healthy, spiritual propensity toward music. Individuals who love dance and movement exist in that realm… and see movement and dance in everything.

Because this dimension of “scribal ministry” is just not understood in mainstream ministry and prophetic circles, scribal prophets can feel awkward, misplaced or even query whether or not or not they’re prophets because their response to their office is quite completely different!

The understanding of a scribe, the ministry of the scribe, the prophetic scribe, the scribal prophet, the prophetic writer, etc. must be defined within its own merit. Right now, the apostolic-prophetic congregations (that means leaders and pastors) are just awakening to what many people have been doing for a very long time. I’m so EXCITED ABOUT THIS! It means that we’ll quickly see leaders recognizing the necessity for “specialised training” in scribal ministry.