Firstly Prophetic Scribes are anointed males and women. They are what the scriptures consult with as teaching priests 2 Chronicles 15:3. Their coronary heart posture is often inclined to seek the law of the Lord, to do it and to show others to do it, Ezra 7:10.
Scribes are realized folks, people who are well instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven, They are Treasuries Of Knowledge, Wisdom And smart Counsels Matthew thirteen:52.
Scribes deal in scrolls, in laws, in decrees, in statutes, in judgments, in ordinations and in Oracles. they are writers Revelations 1:11.
They’re interpreters of the tides and moves of the Holy Spirit, normally discerning Heaven and the current_present revelation position of God within the Spirit Job 33:23.
Which makes them Issachar’s(discerners of the times and seasons), and Porters(Spirit gates, doorways and gatekeepers). They interpret the revelations acquired from the spirit, define it, refine it, and launch it for the body of God within the earth to work with.
Additionally they deal in valuable metals, gold, measures and weights Ezra 7:15-21. They deal with heavenly substances, materialsities, and heavy impartations and are record keepers.
Prophetic scribes are Writing Priests. They’re intermediaries, instructors and academics of God’s people.
Prophetic Scribes have impartations for kings, governance, rulership and politics, and administration with this distinctive abilities they elevate true kingdom Sons, Politicians and Monetary consultants and World Changers.
They’re counselors, instructing in the ways of the kingdom and deal with other such things etc.. That’s why when the Lord Jesus would speak of them He said…
Due to this fact every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that’s an house-holder, which bringeth forth of his treasure things new and old-Matthew thirteen: fifty two

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