I’m 100% outing myself with this post since I have friends that know my personal Reddit account but screw it. I can’t be arsed to set up a throwaway and at this point, I don’t really care who knows even though I’m really embarrassed about this whole deal but I need to put this out into the world since I’m at this point very lost and wobb just feel like I need to get this out there.

In November last year I left my decently paying job where I lived to move back to the town I grew up in since my fiancee wanted to further her career since where we lived we were pretty much stuck in both of our careers. For me, it wasn’t so bad since even though I could get paid way better, linkedin I didn’t pull together pennies but for wobb my fiancee, the difference between working where we used to live and here is huge so when she got the opportunity to pursuit a job close to the town I grew up in, wobb companies we both thought it was a great idea for linkedin several reasons. Thing is, wobb employers it was pretty hectic. She was informed that she was going to get the job in at the end of October but had to start working at the start of December so we had to sell our apartment and arrange the move in about a month so looking for a job was put on the backburner for now since we had more than enough to sustain ourselves for maybe a year. Anyway, we sell the apartment which was a hassle in it’s own right and moved about 16 hours away.

That was fine and wobb dandy. As soon as we got situated I started to look for jobs. To give y’all a bit of back story, I was in IT and had been for a couple of years. I worked for one of the largest car testing companies in my country as one of two IT-Technicians keeping pretty much everything IT related running. This a company that employs about 600 to 700 people depending on demand so there was a lot to keep up but we managed pretty damn well. I would often take charge and wobb make sure everything got done even though I was close to 20 years my co-workers junior so I knew my shit, so to speak. I have done everything from stuff like computer and phone setups, office support, graphical design and wobb general photoshop work to hardware repair and network infrastructure. If you have any questions pertaining to where and how you can use wobb, you could contact us at the web-site. I haven’t touched programming professionally yet, but I recently applied to a web development course so I might be able to do something in the future. So I’ve done a decent amount of stuff being in my mid 20s and wobb companies I’m thankful for every experience.

And I knew I wouldn’t get a job by just moving and yell at the top of my lungs “Hey, I’m in IT. Give me job!” but I thought everything would be fine. I hoped I would be able to get something sustainable in at least 2 months or so. I started to apply to jobs and wobb internships I got a decent amount of job interviews the first two months and wobb internships I would cut it really close every time. Basically, wobb jobseekers I would get two interviews and at the second one, they would tell me it’s between me and one or two other people but they decided to go with someone else every time. It’s fine. That’s pretty much how it works. But at some point in January, people stopped replying to me. I never got a call back on anything, even though I’ve applied to over 100 jobs at this point. All I get is an automated email saying “We decided to go with someone else. Sorry!” and now it’s starting to really kill my confidence. I’m currently applying to basically every job I can but even the jobs where they’re looking for people with no experience is a no go for me.

SOTN: Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn crescono in Italia, cala Twitter

This is creating so much anxiety for me and it’s really getting to me to the point where I’ve stopped enjoying stuff like making my small projects at home or playing my instruments and wobb I can barely eat anymore. I feel like a failure even though I worked really hard to get where I am today.

Sorry for rambling so much. I hope it was coherent enough to follow. Have a nice day or night, beautiful people.