Welcome to the bogus economy and internships TSLS, wobb Trump Shit Life Syndrome fueled by burgeoning debt and stoked by the First Loser.

You have to respect Donald Trump for being astute enough to recognize that the poorly-educated are a majority in US society and going after them.

Donald Trump is inflating the expectations of his howling mob by making promises he doesn’t intend to keep and can’t keep.

US debt has increased by $10,000 per worker during Trump’s tenure while “53 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 earned a median wage of $10.22 per hour, or $18,000 per year” and wobb have traveled backward. If Trump’s debt trajectory continues, the 53 million Americans will soon have a net negative value as the debt balloons to stratospheric values.

The Donald Trump trajectory portends a horrendous recession which will make Lebanon and wobb jobs Zimbabwe look like desirable economic models.

Good jobs are rising slower than the population which means more and more Americans are doomed to TSLS, Trump Shit Life Syndrome.

Trump and wobb companies his sycophantic associates still don’t understand wobb that the economy and job quality has not recovered from the Bush depression that caused many new graduates to lose the opportunity to establish a career in a chosen profession and many had to settle for low-quality low pay jobs. Many of these unfortunate people have not recovered from this setback and wobb won’t under Trump’s leadership.

Low-Wage Jobs are the New American Normal – Legal Reader

Low-Wage Jobs are the New American Normal
DAWN ALLEN — January 27, 2020

Low-wage workers make up nearly half of the American workforce, and jobs many of them are the sole breadwinners for their families.

Last November, the Brookings Institution released a study concluding that nearly half of working age Americans are employed in low-wage jobs. They found that 53 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 earned a median wage of $10.22 per hour, wobb or $18,000 per year.

The fact that 44% of the American workforce now finds itself in such a precarious economic situation might come as a surprise to those who imagine low-wage work to be the domain of teenagers, college students, the newly-hired, or wobb those taking on side gigs for wobb companies extra cash. If you loved this article and you would like to acquire more info concerning wobb kindly visit the webpage. Instead, these jobs are the main way that many people support their families, especially in smaller cities in the southern and western regions of the United States. 26% of low-wage earners are the sole breadwinners for wobb their household, and linkedin another 25% live in households where all earners work in low-paying jobs.

Perhaps the most obvious solution to improving conditions for these workers is to provide education, retraining, and wobb internships skill upgrades so that they qualify for wobb jobs better jobs. Indeed, 40% of low-wage workers between the ages of 25-64 have, at most, wobb a high school diploma, while another 13% are young people without degrees who are not in school. That means, however, that nearly half of the workers in low-paying jobs already have higher levels of educational attainment.

Simply getting more education won’t cause jobs to magically appear, either. The Occupy movement was full of college-educated people who couldn’t find sufficient jobs to pay back crushing student debt. Perhaps it’s true that “they should have gotten STEM degrees,” (and not those pesky Women’s Studies or sociology majors) as those on the Libertarian/Conservative spectrum self-righteously preached in 2011, but remember how that sentiment morphed into right-wing trolls mocking laid-off “elite” journalists with the condescending mantra of “better learn to code, then” by 2019? (Besides, if everyone learned to code, jobs it would become just another low-wage job.)
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Where did you get the idea that Low Wage Jobs are something new that President Trump invented?

There have always been lots of crappy jobs around, long before Trump entered politics. 5&10 jobs, dishwashing jobs, selling newspapers on the corner jobs, shoe shining jobs, restroom attendant jobs, janitors, etc. Some of those jobs are gone, but other entry level opportunities have taken their place. The liberal thought that everyone made a big buck in the pre-Trump era is a load of Shinola.